Dr. Karl Wald founded Mr. Ellie Pooh after a life changing trip to Sri Lanka. After
completing his post-doc and looking for a chance to make a difference in the world,
Karl headed to Sri Lanka to shadow an elephant veterinarian and teach English.

It was during this time that Karl met paper maker, Thusitha Ranasinghe.  With both
men sharing a love for animals and concern for the environment, a life-long
friendship was born.

Where do the elephants come into this?

Farm produce has become a growing and necessary human resource, thus
shrinking the elephant’s natural grazing grounds of trees.  Elephants are not favored
as neighbors as they destroy valued crops and are often shot and killed. Nightly,
Karl and Thusitha would discuss the ongoing human/elephant conflict.  How can they
preserve Sri Lanka’s wild elephant population?  How can they appease a farm
er who lost his crop in one evening to a hungry elephant?  How do they prevent Sri
Lanka from becoming like Thailand or Indonesia where their natural forests have alre
ady been cut down?  Could pooh paper be the answer?  Can they together make
a difference to both the wild elephants and humans?

Karl and Thusitha believe that if we are able to provide fair-wage jobs making paper,
this will give value to having elephants.  These noble beasts do
not have to be
considered threats or pests, they can be economic assets too. From this belief Mr.
Ellie Pooh and the Peace Project in partnership with Maximus was born.

The Peace Project is based on making as much natural paper as we can.  The more
paper we sell, the more jobs we create.  These jobs are essential if our conservation
program is going to work. Together with our paper partners (Maximus, located in
Colombo, Sri Lanka), we have grown and developed paper facilities placed in
human/elephant conflict areas of Sri Lanka. Villagers are trained in paper making
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