Mr. Ellie Pooh Fund raising
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Are you looking for more than the
conventional fund raiser?

Explore and discover the Mr. Ellie Pooh difference: a
fund raising program that combines profits for your
organization as well the families and farmers who
produce the products you sell.

Elephants around the world are massively decreasing
in numbers. Farm produce has become a growing and necessary human resource,
thus shrinking the elephant´s natural grazing grounds of trees.  Elephants are not
favored as neighbors as they
destroy valued crops.

Earn money for your school or organization while helping to:

Promote animal conservation!

Save our forests and animal habitats!

Empower villagers and create positive, lasting change!

The Mr. Ellie Pooh Fund raising programs offer quality, hand-made and fairly traded
journals, stationery, crafts, scrapbooks and photo albums.  All of our paper products are
100% recycled, 75% Pooh and 100% fun.

Why choose Mr. Ellie Pooh over the traditional fund raiser?

Compared to using virgin wood, paper made with 100% recycled
content uses
44% less energy, produces 38% less greenhouse
gas emissions, 41% less particulate emissions, 50% less
wastewater, 49% less solid waste
and -- of course -- 100% less forest destruction

There are no toxic chemicals used in our paper-making process. Only basic bonding
agents such as alum and rosin,
along with water soluble salt dyes for coloring are
No bleach. No Acids. And no alkaline or acid solutions are introduced during

By selling Mr. Ellie Pooh products, you are having a
direct impact on the preservation
of the Sri Lankan Elephant
and helping to protect this magnificent endangered creature.

The Peace Project difference: Mr. Ellie Pooh and our partners at Maximus are working
improve the socio – economic situation that currently restricts under privileged
people living in rural areas of Sri Lanka while addressing the conflict between humans
and wild elephants.